My name is Debra McFarlane, and I am a professional illustrator and artist based in the suburbs of London, England. I have been working as an illustrator since I graduated from Kingston University in 1997, and have illustrated ten books for The Folio Society to date.
In recent years I have been drawn to my interests in the spiritual and 'esoteric' realms, including fairies and Angels, and I have found that this is the area I want to concentrate on with my art. This website collects together almost all my fairy and Angel artwork from the last few years up until now, and other things as well. I have been told my a couple of sensitive friends that I'm 'surrounded by fairies'! You may think that fairies are just imaginary beings featuring only in story books. I believe there are some things in this world we don't understand. Fairies have featured in world mythology for centuries, in many cultures. There is no harm in believing in the magical, and wondering if there is something out there beyond what we 'know'.

I like to think that the fairies want me to paint them (in the traditional way) and try to bring some of their lightness and fun into the world. They are the subject matter which gives me the most enjoyment to paint, as well as Angels (and animals!).
I'm intending to add more Angel paintings, although I know they are very different beings to fairies!
I named this site 'The Fairy Whisperer' after the suggestion of a friend three years ago. I do whisper to them sometimes! :)

This website is still being put together. If you are interested in any of my paintings or etchings, or would like a print made of any of them, please contact me and I'll see what I can do. If you would like to commission me to do any fairy artwork, for books, cards, oracle sets etc, I would be very interested in hearing from you. Thank you for looking!
Debra x